• You will receive a package full of color and golden tattoos enough for an entire summer.


  • You will receive a very generous 30% off personalised discound code to be shared with 5 of your closest friends and loved ones.

  • You will receive another very generous 30% off personalised discound code to be shared on your social media channels or friends and family, but with this code you get to make money.

       Here's how = Every time your code gets        used you get to keep 15% and                        your customers get 15%, so the more            you promote the better.

       "we pay out every end of each month"


  • Be featured on our website and social media.


  • You need to promote the brand on your own social media through photography of yourself or friends wearing our tattoos twice a month or once every 2 weeks.

  • Email unwatermarked photos to  to be used on our social media platforms and any blurry photos most likely will not be used or reposted so it is highly encouraged to provide quality clear and bright photos. 

  • NOT NECESSARY but we will appreciat it if you promote and share any and all our announcements such as promotions, contests, launches, and events.

  • ANOUSH  reserves the right to use any and all photographs on all social media accounts, promotional flyers and all advertisements.

  • If you're from Hong Kong there’s a chance we could collaborate on a photoshoot and share the photos with you

  • Must have an active social presence on at least one of the following channels:  Instagram, Youtube, or a personal blog. Facebook Fan Page and Twitter page may also be considered.

  • Social pages must not be private.

  • You must have a strong following on your social media channels. While we will sometimes make exceptions for someone with great potential, generally, we are looking for the following audience minimums. (We will consider the minimum for whichever channels you are applying for. Example: if you are applying and check off IG, then we will look for the IG minimums. The blogger and YouTube minimums wouldn’t apply


  • Your post and videos must be high quality and clear


  • Facebook
  • Instagram

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