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Grown in the scenic Uva highlands of Sri Lanka, this is Ceylon tea at its finest. The crisp, cool air of the central highlands translates to an extremely fresh and high quality tea. A robust, flavorful, yet smooth black tea with notes of malt and pine wood.

We love how versatile our Ceylon Highlands is - making for an excellent breakfast tea to give you a morning energy boost, but also a lovely cold-brew afternoon refresher. We recommend it as a gateway into the world of pure, loose leaf teas for beginners, as it is both familiar yet exciting. 


Sourced directly from the organic Amba Estate in Uva, Sri Lanka.


Tea Specs

CATEGORY Black tea

NET WT 50g

ORIGIN Amba Estate, Uva, Sri Lanka | 1030m Elevation | 10% Revenue Share

PICKED March 2019

LEAF Organic | 1 bud 2 leaves | Broken Orange Pekoe

CRAFT Picked, withered, rolled (chopped, bruised, broken) & dried

NOTES Bright, Citrusy, Malty, Pine Wood

BENEFITS Energy and focus



Brew Instructions

Teas in Sri Lanka are typically brewed Western style. We recommend a long, drawn-out brew until the liquor turns an enchantingly deep red. You can add milk and sugar, but we feel it is a standalone tea worthy of drinking straight. Our Ceylon Highlands also makes for a great iced tea on hot summer days.

Western Brew (Mug / Teapot): 3g (1 Tbsp) | 350ml | 95°C | 3 min | + 1 min for additional brews | Can steep ~ 3 times

Cold-Brew (Pitcher): 12g | 750ml | Room temp | 8 hours in fridge | Strain & Serve with ice. Lemon slices optional.


Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Fresh for at least 60 days from delivery.

Ceylon Highlands

  • Started by four partners with a focus on sustainability, Amba Estate is an organic farm producing artisanal teas, coffees, and spices. In addition to salary, benefits and overtime, Amba gives 10% of all its revenues back to its employees. Unlike other producers, Amba also empowers their staff through rotational work - meaning tea pickers can also wither, roll and dry the leaves. This gives them a full-circle sense of pride for what they've created.

    Amba's farms are 100% organic, certified under the European Union. No chemicals, artificial fertilizers, or pesticides are used. To maintain and enhance soil fertility, Amba uses green plant material from the estate's ground and manure from their own herd of ‘rescue cows’, as well as shade trees that naturally induce nitrogen-rich soil.

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