The HATEMISM collection is one of a kind and exclusive to ANOUSH™
Master Hatem Arafa With a pencil between his fingers and an inspiring piece of music playing in the background uses his remarkable talent  to blend freedom, love, beauty, challenge and affection in one drawing. Arafa mixes Arabic calligraphy’s heritage with modern graphic designs in a professional way. 

* Includes 1 sheet
* Easily applied with water 
* Lasts 4-7 days(with special care)  
* Easily removed with baby oil 

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What do the Tattoos mean.

- The Owl - الحكمة نصف الجمال "Wisdom is half the beauty"
- The Arabic letter WOW - واو/ الوداعُ، الوردةُ الوسطى،
ولاءٌ للولادة أَينما وُجدَتْ، وَوَعْدُ الوالدين waw is the first letter used in these poetic words by Mahmoud Darwich and translating them will give a wrong message.
- The Evil eye - عين الحسود تُبلى بالعمى Let the envious eye go blind
- The Heart - خايف أقول اللي في قلبي تتقل و تعاند وياي I'm afraid to tell you what's in my heart so you won't be stubborn with me (It's a famous song sand by Fairouz)
- The Female - اوعى تكلمني بابا جاي ورايا I dare you to talk to me, My father is walking behind me (An old funny Arabic song)

All credit goes to Master Calligrapher Hatem Arafa


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